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Email: The Perfect Direct Mail Add-On

Want to increase the effectiveness of your direct mail campaigns? Add a branded email with the same design components as the direct mail piece so that they are part of an integrated campaign. Adding branded email as a secondary touch doubles the customer.

Let’s look at three reasons why.

·       They already want to hear from you. You don’t need permission to mail, but you do need permission to email. Customers who provide you with their email addresses want a higher level of engagement. They want a deeper connection with you. Their willingness to engage with your brand through email means they are likely more engaged than passive recipients of other marketing channels. They are listening!

·       They are self-selected as more likely to buy. When customers provide you with their email addresses, they can be more likely to make purchases. Remember, they have voluntarily shared their contact information with you, demonstrating a genuine interest in what your business has to offer.

·       Customers who provide email addresses are more open to additional marketing “touches.” More touches mean more results.

We see this two-step process approach generating results every day. By combining personalized printing with email and an online registration process, one association, for example, was able to triple the attendance at its annual summer conference. In another example, a software manufacturer sent a follow-up email to non-responders to a print campaign, personalized using the same rules as the print mailer, and sales of its targeted products jumped 81%.

Of course, this “one-two punch” is not the only element of a successful direct mail campaign. Still, it is a crucial aspect. It’s no wonder that direct mail with email follow-up has become almost the de facto standard in multichannel marketing today.

Why not talk to us about expanding your next campaign to include email?

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